Friday, 18 January 2008

Ah... La Provence !

The owners Kamilla Ragent and Pierre Jaccaud have turned their country house in Provence (France) into a refined guest house. The windows of the building overlook a marvelous view of Roussillon. The amazing dwelling with salient cracked walls, painted wooden shutters and a little fountain by the entrance represents a real labyrinth of rooms and winding staircases. The palette includes the rich colours of sage and sepia, plum and fuchsia, violets and lilacs. The interior design of the house is a genuine wonder world. Attention is arrested by the long curtains made from paper lanterns. The salon contains a real cloud made from thin branches -- it soars in the air and casts a whimsical shadow on a white mantle-piece. Ephemeral translucent curtains are also very attractive. Works of art neighbour on ordinary dishes in the kitchen. The refined dining room features a long peasant table. There are pictures, sculptures, photographs and books all over the place. Each guest leaves anything in his apartment that will remind people of him and bring in a new detail in the interior.

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