Saturday, 9 May 2009

Loft in Madrid


Aladdin's Cave keepster said...

I guess it's a male who lives in it? Then I find the little wooden mannequin by the stiars a little disturbing....

Hélène said...

coucou! C'est avec joie et plaisir j'ai découvert votre blog. Enfin un blog français pas trop kitch;) Je vais y retourner souvent!


Anonymous said...

It's a very grey but fabulous space! I especially love the living room with the piano.

Lynne said...

great space

david john said...

beautiful space!

Chic Provence said...

bonsoir Christelle!

beautiful austere space, spare and clean. for me, too monochromatic/too little texture but exquisitely executed!

i'll be back soon!



I used one of your pictures and credited you, is that ok?

christelle said...

Hi Kit,
Yes of course it's ok. You can use all the pictures you like. I'm glad you like the post!

Anonymous said...

Post! Thank you.

Jennifer Ramos said...

The place is such a DREAM....I can only imagine it's a GORGEOUS musician who lives there...hmmm nice!

Jen Ramos
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