Wednesday 26 March 2008

A house in Megève, France

For its owner Sylvie Mirabou this house means much more than just a holiday chalet. It is a shelter from the noise and fuss of the city. In the house there are three bedrooms, a spacious living-room and a dining-room. The favorite place in the house is the balcony with a little dining table. Sylvie's collection of modern painting is the center of the decoration. Carlo Rampazzi, the designer, interprets the interior as a game of different details, such as vases and Chinese calligraphy brushes that are in harmony with the painting collection. The furniture and the lighting for the chalet have been thoroughly chosen, and most items are handmade. A warm yellow wall color, light linen curtains and leopard-colored rug in every room make the chalet a single whole.