Friday 16 December 2011

Josephine Ryan house in Provence

Josephine Ryan is a wonderful antiques dealer with a very distinctive taste and also the author of three great interiors books. She spent three years looking for the house of her dreams, and when she visited this house in Provence, halfway between Nimes and Montpelliers, it was love at first sight. The house had been abandoned for decades but she loved everything about it from the first moment she saw it. When she found the name of her mother's maiden name carved in a stone of the house, she understood that it was her destiny. But turning the abandoned house in a nice and pretty home required a lot of work and creativity. The decoration is a perfect example of Josephine's signature which she defines as a mix of modern, rusty and eccentric. She feels that there is a very strong emotional bond that links her to the place. She realizes that the peculiar characteristic of the house makes it a life commitment, a neverending work in progress because there is always some work to be done. You can visit Josephine's website here :

Thursday 20 October 2011

Chateau les Merles

The interior of the Château has been faithfully restored by the present owners to match the historic 19th century architecture. The décor is by a renowned Dutch interior designer Joris van Grinsven; after his worldwide voyages on his sailing yacht for seven years, he had, together with his children, the idea of settling down and working all together in a pleasant environment. And off he went with his wife to look for his new dream. During one of their trips to the French wine region of Bergerac, they encountered Les Merles whose premises perfectly suited the whole idea …a golf course, a hotel and enough land and premises to develop what today is Château Les Merles. It is under the name of ‘Seigneurs de Clérans’ that Joris van Grinsven works with his team on projects designing and/or decorating private homes, hotels, restaurants and businesses throughout Europe. For furnishings and accessories he works exclusively with the ‘Pigeon d’Or’ collection.

Thursday 26 May 2011

Eco-friendly house in Majorca

This is French architect Alexandre de Betak's creation, an eco-friendly house located in a small village called Cave House on the island of Majorca.