Tuesday 19 February 2008

Provence fairy-tale

Today, I want to share with you this magnificent mansion in the south of France in a place called Pays D'Apt, described as the Colorado of Provence. The small village of Gignac, famous for its XVIII century palace is sitting at the very roof of the mountain range. The territory of the palace covered with century-old trees is fenced off the outside world by high retaining walls.

Friday 15 February 2008

House on Lake Garda. Italy

After restoration, this 15th century house has come to life and become as comfortable as modern ones. Its new owner, a professional sportsman, has decided to preserve its original look. Walls, the roof and partitions have been reinforced. Natural materials such as tile, ceramics and marble have been used in reconstruction, too. The doors and windows are made of oak and metal. On the first floor there are friendly and cozy guest-rooms. On the second floor are bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining- and a living-room. One of the owner's hobbies is repairing. Almost every piece of furniture and accessories in the house are his creations. "Comfort and rationality" might well be the motto of the house: no luxury, no special decor. There are only natural colors and materials that make the modern house a peasant's dwelling.

Wednesday 13 February 2008

Loft in San Francisco

Lofts have many apparent advantages. For designers it is an opportunity to fulfill their most daring ideas. When Jonathan Straley purchased this loft in a former chocolate factory, there was only a bathroom and pillars at two-meter distances. The first step of the reconstruction was the floor. It was covered with matchboards; their light-brown color brings in warmth and makes a quaint contrast with stone ceilings. Walls, painted in white, serve as a good decoration for the collection of art. In order to keep the wholeness of the space, the designer organized rooms without walls. A large pillar originally divides the sitting room, on its one side there is an artificial fireplace, on the reverse a bookcase which, together with a writing table and a couple of chairs, makes up the library. Cupboards serve here as screen-partitions between the apartment areas. The result is amazing...

House in New Mexico

The first things that occur to people seeing this house are «care», «warmth», «tranquility»... An original gallery of works of art belonging to different ages and styles, the living room is given charm by the restrained lines of furniture. The caramel-coloured wooden floor is covered with a refined carpet. There is a black-and-white photo collection entitled «Woman in Water» by Herbritz in the hall that joins the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. Neighbouring is a 1954's portrait of Gorgia O'Keefe and a number of «photo souvenirs» -- recollections of Morocco. The interior design of the simple and light bedroom, overlooking a garden, is an aspiration for solitude and tranquil rest. Equipped with wooden furniture with marble counters, the spacious kitchen is yet very cozy. High glass cupboards are both very functional and elegant.