Friday 9 April 2010

It is very common practice in Europe to live and to work in the same place. The owner, a young fashion designer was looking for a place where he could both organize fashion shows, studio recordings, photo sessions and live. As a result, this old manufacture was turned into a 300m2 loft...The space is extremely luminous; light comes from the large windows and also from the ceiling. Special attention has been given to fengshui principles in the interior design and decoration.
Photography : Javier Ortega

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Loft in Saint-ouen

Anouchka and Laurent Collin have turned this unusual building, once a hangar for firetrucks, in a 300 m2 modern loft. The big building with well-kept metal and wooden designs, six-meter high-ceilings had a fantastic potential. The re-arrangement of the house actually started from scratch, having left only walls and the most characteristic elements of the original design. Studying the history of the building, Anouchka learned that it consists of two parts, one of which, with wooden overlappings, dated 1906, and the second — with metal — is a reconstruction from year 1936. These two styles give the structure its individuality.
Most of the furnitures and decorative objects are antiques. In the living room, a XVIII century indian door has been turned into an original coffee table. Great work...