Friday 5 September 2008

Hotel Daniel

The interior of The Daniel Hotel in Paris takes its inspiration from the way 18th century Europeans saw the Grand Silk Road. The palette includes green, lilac, grey, rosy, red and golden tints. The furniture here is remarkable for the variety of colours and styles. The bar is decorated with mirrors and bronze and furnished with creamy cushioned pieces and an ebony bar-counter. Columns here are finished with pearly mosaics. Each room has silk and velvet curtains and blankets, and satin cushions on the beds. The premises are papered with textile wallpaper featuring traditional Chinese motifs in their ornament. Light bathrooms are coated with Moroccan tile and Italian marble. The restaurant's decor combines floral-patterned wallpaper, archaized mirrors, decorative plates on the walls, long banquettes and mysterious stained-glass windows.