Thursday 31 December 2009


A happy new year 2010 to my dear readers, thank you so much for your love !!

Wednesday 30 December 2009

Simplicity and freedom

In this italian interior, plenty of air and light along with minimum decoration make the architectural solution original and comfortable.
Design: Domenico Mula
Architecture: Maurizio Belli
Photography: Gianni Basso

Saturday 26 December 2009

love this house in the french countryside...

Two french architects have built their sweet, sweet home on a picturesque hill-top within easy reach of the French town of Tulle. The house design is based upon a sugar cube concept. The architects were not afraid of breaking down the stereotypes of typical country houses and created a glass-cottage to meet their dream of interrelation of interior and exterior space.

Architecture : Hervé David, Anne Sevestre
Photography by Gaelle Le Boulicaut

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Dramatic loft in Taiwan

In this amazing loft, the main expressive effect is created by the very interesting contrast between the classical and modernist elements against the background of concrete walls.
Empty frame on a wall, empty concrete walls are symbols of the present while the classic and the modernist furnitures and objects (the lamp, a picture, a sofa or a carpet) represents the past and the future.

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Stylish transformation

The interior layout of historical buildings in Paris often mismatches today's standards. Small rooms, long dark corridors and other features of old constructions complicate the transformation in modern and comfortable apartments. Young French designer Vincent Parreira took the challenge of reorganizing this beautiful space situated in a XVIII century building.
Low wooden ceilings are restored and painted in white color. The dominance of white makes a perfect neutral background for the colored furniture. The elegant dining room features a table with an oval marble table, classic wood chairs, black and white artwork and smoky glass partitions. To remind the glorious past of the apartment, a magnificent ancient crystal lustre.
In the bathroom, grey color is combined with smooth and shining surfaces. "I wanted to create a sensual intimate atmosphere, but at the same time open to light », —tells the designer.

Thursday 8 October 2009

loft in Patagonia

Architect : Pablo Velasco Suárez
Interior design : Willie Sanchez, Marcela Escalada
Photos : Daniela Mac Adden