Sunday 24 August 2014

Bruno Pieters's penthouse in Antwerp

After living in Paris on and off for years, Bruno, fashion designer, relocated to his hometown of Antwerp where he lives in an open-space penthouse above his studio, a beautiful living in a space that’s arranged around a terrace. He moved in 2005 and did a complete redesign with an architecture firm called B Architecten. "Before the renovation, it was a bit of a wreck. The interior design has changed a lot since I moved in here as it used to be much more minimal. I couldn’t bear to look at its plainness anymore".
Seeing a space which reflects the owner’s personality is much more welcoming than a cold and clean-cut house.

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Notes From ABroad said...

The architecture and that view make it so easy to not over decorate. Who cares what is inside the rooms when you have that view to look at, that light !
Wonderful :)