Sunday, 10 January 2016

Black apartment in Lyon

via pufikhomes


Notes From ABroad said...

Yes, it is striking and yes, the things in the rooms are interesting but it is black. Ugly black. A black hole sucking up all light, especially at night. I cannot imagine living in a home with black walls.
Sorry .. some things are pretty and some things are just to impress in some way. These are not pretty.

Notes From ABroad said...

Yes it is very dramatic and all that but there is nothing home-like or cheerful or welcoming about it.
Unless you are Dracula, then it is perfect LOL

Notes From ABroad said...

I know it is very striking and very dramatic but it is also very dreary and depressing. Black is just not my favorite non-color.
Sucks the light out of everything. But I guess drama was what they were going for ..

Erica said...

It looks unbelievable and unique. But black takes a lot of space. The room feels low.