Monday, 14 March 2016

40's apartment in Milan with a modern twist

This 1940s  apartment is situated in Milan and is the home of the talented architect – designer Cristina Celestino. She has just moved in and left it virtually untouched. The big living room, with three large windows, an original chimney in the classic 40's style, is an ideal background for the Osvaldo Borsani's armchairs and couch and the amazing coffee table by Paolo Piva. Both Cristina and her husband Matteo are passionate about Italian design. They collect amazing and unique pieces like Gino Sarfati's ceiling light, Luigi Caccia Dominioni chest of drawers.. 

Credits : Constance Gennari


Notes From ABroad said...

I love just about everything about this apartment and the decor but what I do absolutely love is how clean it is and all the light. No fussy dusty looking things scattered all around .. this is the way I want to do my next home, after I move .. in one month ! yikes !

Unknown said...

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