Tuesday 6 June 2017

Emilie Bonaventure's apartment in Paris

This gorgeous Parisian apartment is the home of Emilie Bonaventure, a well-known interior decorator. The structure is typical of the Haussmannian apartments. : high ceilings mouldings, wooden foundations, marble fireplaces and herringbone parquet floors. The pure white of the walls blends beautifully with the ivory, cream and caramel tones of the furniture.
In the dining room, the David Hicks's graphic wallpaper gives a stylish 70s atmosphere. Caned chairs, a travertine table and a Swedish chest of drawers complete this wonderful combination.


Taste of France said...

The white TV/monitor is a good way to not notice the TV.

Notes From ABroad said...

I love the look, the light, the windows and views but the truth is ... it is sterile and can be terribly dreary when there is a dark rainy day. I like that look in a warm climate much more .. our home in Argentina was built in the early 1900s and had the high high ceilings and molding forever .. with double french doors to all the rooms .. I used creams and whites in paint and draperies but the rugs were Oriental with plenty of color and I used a lot of mirrors for light and here and there were some shots of bright pure blues and reds.
My husband always had strong opinions on colors and the idea of a totally white environment was in his words, like living in a laboratory.
:) But I would probably do it if I could live in Paris lol