Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Loft in New York

This house in Harlem has been renovated to connect the past and the present. A steel staircase between the second and the third levels of the dwelling forms a gallery. The palette of the living room is predominated by white, brown and black. The white walls intensify light effects brought about due to huge transparent panels. A modern white sofa neighbours on low wooden tables. Simple black vases filled with bamboo stems and a black table with banquettes look good together. The kitchen is dramatic with a contrast between the tints of oak flooring, bamboo cabinets, birch walls and ceiling, and the tones of grey granite tiles on the floor, a steel staircase and working tops. A children's zone and a penthouse at the gallery level are symmetrical. Opening up onto a terrace, the master bedroom is served with a cloakroom. Besides is a shower. Love this space !

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