Sunday 10 February 2008

Peter Klassen's house in Grasses

Peter Klassen is famous for his original painting technique - geometric abstraction. Every summer the artist lives and works in Grasses. The design of this house built in 1990 was developed by Peter and Christopher Petikollo . The plot is divided into right-angled sections where an ensemble of flat roofed buildings is located. The main house, swimming-pool, workshop and gardener's house together make up an ideal rectangle. It seems as if everything here is based on geometry. Even the daylight, streaming inside through glass fronts leaves rectangular spots on the granite floor. You can say that contrast is the key principle of the interior. Entering the house through modern glass doors you see pillars from Cameroon , Nimbi sculptural masks and Dagon dance masks. Much of the furniture was designed by Klassen's wife - chairs and a coffee table in the living-room, for instance. In the dining-room on can see arm-chairs from Phillip Stark and tables made by Peter Klassen . The first floor is done in Japanese traditions: contrast of white and black, horizontal and vertical lines.

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